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How Short Term Pay Day Loans Work

It is generally easier to apply for a short term loan than a long term loan because amounts are often much smaller therefore making for less risk on the lenders part.

However because the amounts are too small and are generally quick cash there is no collateral, meaning there is nothing backing up your loan. If you fail to repay on timeyou may face negative consequences such as fees or a lowered credit score.

Our customers should also consider that although annual percentage rate will be listening on every lenders website by law, the short term annual percentage rate isn’t completely accurate because the interest isn’t being compounded over the full year. Therefore our company will remove the difficulty by explaining how much you’ll pay in interest for hypothetical loans using an adjustable calculator.

payday loan

payday loan

How To Choose The Right Short Term Payday Loan

There are many different lending companies in that offer short term loans.

Choosing the right one for you go beyond comparing annual percentage rateand also some other small details like:

Will they allow you to change payment schedule as you go?
Will they charge fees upfront or late fees?
Are there interest fixed?
Do they have a method for you to gradually lower your rates?
Do they offer installments?

By taking more into questions and more into consideration before you get your short term loan. You can get the best deal and the loan that works best for your situation.

What Makes Our Company Different?

We operate with simplicity, honesty and transparency. We make everything, including the fine print, easy to understand by giving you all the details you need upfront, before you've made your choice.

Below are some important factors about our loans that we encourage you to compare to similar short-term payday loans:

Our loans have no fees, guaranteed.

We give you 5 days to change your mind and repay the principal with no fees and no interest. You can do this once per month, no questions asked.

Applying is via our easy to follow online application and delivers a decision in minutes.

payday loan

If approved, the cash you borrow is sent to your bank within 15 minutes.

Our company’s flexible overpayment plan allows you to pay more each month if you wish, meaning you repay earlier and save money in interest

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Requirements To Apply For A Short Term Payday Loan

Short Term Payday Loan Company advises our borrowers that they have to meet the basic requirements to apply for loans. Make sure that you can meet the following requirements:


    ou must be a citizen with proof of identity


    ou must be 18 years old


    ou must have a recurring source of income


    ou must be a resident of a state Lender serves


    ou must have an active checking account

Getting Started

After making up your mind to apply for online payday loan through our site, you just need to fill in an application form, available for our customers 24/7 and submit it. The applications of our clients are reviewed real time and the chance is great to be approved in just 5 minutes. It takes then less than 24 hours for the money to be transferred to your bank account.

All these make our loans quick and easy to get. The possibility to apply for the loan any time adds comfort to the cooperation with us. You can solve your unexpected situation with doubts since you will be having high expectations to be served faster since we have high skilled personnel who work effectively to make sure you’re served well.