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When you need quick cash Short Term Loan Company offers an easy, safe, and trusted way to get it. Getting into our company makes you one of us this will mean that we will not leaveyou behind because our aim is to see everyone succeeds with us. You get a personal dashboard, email and text reminders, and unlimited support from our friendly customer service team. Access easy money in a matter of minutes after your sign up has been approved.The transfer is instant and service can be reused whenever you need cash.

Short Term Payday Loan Company has made it easier to all. You can apply and get approved for a loan at any time so long as you qualify the requirements of our company. You just need to follow a few steps which have been provided in order to get through the process. All we need is you to Provide all the information needed about you.

Getting The Cash You Need Made Easier

If you run into trouble making the repayment, then contact the Participating Lender and let them know. Each Participating Lender in our network has different policies regarding late payments. The one that governs your loan was in the lender’s loan documents you were given before you applied your e-signature. State laws may also regulate how late-payment fees are determined and the amount of additional fees and interest the Participating Lender can charge.


If you need an extension to repay the loan, then again contact the Participating Lender and let them know. Each location has a statute which allows a loan extension. It is entirely dependent on the location you reside in and your Participating Lenders policy.

Generally, there is no additional charge to obtain an extended payment plan. However, the Participating Lender may charge additional fees, interest or request immediate payment. If you default or fail to pay the loan altogether, you may be subject to additional fees and costs but these will be described in the loan agreement or the applicable location Statute.

The process

Easy payday online company application requires that all clients produce their relevant identification and financial data to process your loan. This information about you will help us to determine that you are eligible to repay our loans once we have approved and given you the loan.

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Call us if you need free consultation on evaluation to ascertain whether or not you qualify for short term pay day loans.